I downloaded a tryout script from Dave Campiti's Glasshouse Graphics site . Dave represents talent from all over and he has prospects that use this very detailed script to showcase their talents . I have to admit it was a very clever and detailed script that should answer any question an editor might have about the things you can draw . 

As usual, I value your input.

Here's the script:

PAGE ONE: Splash page, full bleed. Big panel with several insets. Leave room for logo, title, credits and indicia. Begin with establishing shot of New York; thereís a streak of light hurling across the sky, but we canít tell quite whatís causing it. (Weíll show it later). Cinematic "pan in" to a specific luxury apartment building. In a big picture window, past a fish tank filled with exotic fish, we see 2 people having a beautiful candlelight dinner. Itís SCOTT SUMMERS and JEAN GREY, enjoying a romantic dinner in this fancy penthouse apartment that a friend loaned to them for the weekend. He is well-dressed, in a GQ/classy suit. She is dressed extremely well, in a sexy fancy dress, but lots of cleavage, high-cut slit long skirt, high heels, sexy hairdo. But elegant, not trashy.


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