I downloaded a tryout script from Dave Campiti's Glasshouse Graphics site . Dave represents talent from all over and he has prospects that use this very detailed script to showcase their talents . I have to admit it was a very clever and detailed script that should answer any question an editor might have about the things you can draw .

As usual, I value your input.

Here's the script:

PAGE THREE: Big panel! Exterior, summer, 6 pm, but still daylight -- a monster (make it up) is terrorizing a New York Street! Itís ripped a lamppost out of the street and swinging it around. People are reacting, frightened. Traffic Jam. And so forth. Lots of action and commotion. CUT BACK TO: Jean and Scott. Sexy action as Jean peels out of her dress as she goes for her costume. Scott yanks off his tie as they prepare to fight. (Beefcake shot!) CUT BACK TO: Whatís happening on the street! Damage and destruction!


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