I downloaded a tryout script from Dave Campiti's Glasshouse Graphics site . Dave represents talent from all over and he has prospects that use this very detailed script to showcase their talents . I have to admit it was a very clever and detailed script that should answer any question an editor might have about the things you can draw .

As usual, I value your input.

Here's the script:


PAGE FOUR: We see several scenes, a Phoenix and Cyclops (Jean and Scott now in costume) float down to the action (her telekinesis): A tall, statuesque woman in a slinky outfit and high heels is walking her Dobermans on leashes as she reacts; the monster has swung the lamppost, smashing open a fire hydrant, and she gets drenched (she still looks sexy wet); a little boy is racing away carrying his kitten, about to be hit by a car thatís making itís way through the traffic jam by driving partway on the sidewalk. Two thugs see a smashed-in window are stealing TV sets and stereos, and so forth ? show you can draw real people, real animals and buildings, real FEAR of whatís happening. The kidís about to be mowed over by the car . . .



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