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this is another project I've been working on for awhile . It is called lycanthrope ã and it is a story about a werewolf private detective who investigates crimes based in the occult. Currently I am looking for a publisher . If I'm unsuccessful in this endeavor I'll more than likely self-publish . 

over the last year, my drawing skills have improved significantly . Therefore, due to my new standards, I have re-drawn these pages . As before, I look forward to any feed back from any of you .

Nathaniel Langstrom 

            Nathaniel was, originally, a London policeman in the 18th century. His wife was one of many victims of a vampire’s killing spree. Seeking justice and unable to bring down this evil creature himself, he sought out a supernatural power to fight it. He found a gypsy woman and had her curse him with the spirit of the wolf. The tattooed Bane Brand on his shoulder helps him to control the monster that lurks inside of him. The power of the beast has, also, extended his life. With the wolf spirit under his control, Nathaniel got the justice he craved by destroying the vampire.

            Today, constantly struggling with his inner evil, fighting for redemption for his damned soul, Nathaniel is a world-renowned private investigator working out of New York City who specializes in the occult. The question remains if he can perform enough good deeds before the wolf demon devours his soul.


Lorelei Baiko 

            She is a descendant of the gypsy woman who originally cursed Langstrom. In every generation in the Baiko family, one child is selected to “watch over” Nathaniel in his struggles in order to insure that the Wolf does break free of it’s shackles and do unspeakable evil. Lorelei is a Wicca trained in the traditional family occult arts, her task is to watch over Langstrom and aid him in his adventures. But she must also protect the terrible family secret from him. The evil Nathaniel struggles with inside himself is far greater than he knows.




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            Nathaniel Langstrom was born in 18th century London where he made his living as a policeman and was quite respected by his peers. He was a promising young man who was expected to make the office of High Constable until there were a series of murders throughout London. Beautiful young women were turning up with their throats punctured and their bodies drained of blood. Until his young wife was counted among the dead, Nathaniel had never even heard of a vampire.

            Obsessed with finding this creature he and his fellow officers launched a manhunt never seen before in London. When, at last, they came across it’s lair, the cornered vampire literally ripped them apart. Only Nathaniel survived.

            Shortly, afterwards, a Russian doctor named Vasulev came in search of this unholy terror, who the good doctor knew as, Von Brock, a cursed baron from Germany some three hundred years gone by. He recruited Nathaniel to assist him. But after months of pursuit, Vasulev fell prey to the vampire as well.

            Defeated and distraught, Nathaniel was haunted by his need for revenge and to see justice done. In desperation he sought out a gypsy woman of legendary power for help. While she was unable to curse the vampire, for they are the most cursed of the dark creatures, she could help him fight dark magick with dark magick. She would curse Nathaniel with the power of the wolf. To help him maintain control of the demon spirit, she tattooed on his arm the Bane Brand, a mark that is used to bind the beast to the wearer’s control.  Thus, cursed and empowered, Nathaniel tracked down the vampire and, finally, had his revenge.

            But the gypsy warned him that the wolf spirit would not allow him to die. If he was ever to be free from his curse, he must purge the evil inside him by performing good deeds before the evil of the beast devours his soul. Unable to return to the life of a policeman and never losing his passion for justice, Nathaniel became a private detective and used his gifts to help those the common peacekeepers could not. Pursuing an enemy to America, he saw escalating occult forces gathering and decided to stay.

            And today, assisted by Lorelei Baiko, a young Wicca descended from the gypsy woman who originally cursed him, Nathaniel Langstrom continues his practice and aids those who are plagued by supernatural forces.

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