In 1994 I was asked by a friend to use my skills as an artist and a writer to create a Martial Arts TV Show that would be an alternative to Wrestling. The concept was that the show would combine modern music, martial arts, and a stadium event that would be seen by a live audience in various locations across the country for a weekly series

Excited by the possibilities, I created a dozen characters from various martial art styles and a working formula to keep people tuning in on a weekly basis. Before each match, the fighter would give a demonstration of his style by either an empty handed or weapons form done to whatever music he chose.  

The links below have the art and video demos we had done for various producers. Eventually, this project ended up at Fox Television. We had one more door to go through, the Fox Owned and Operated Stations, before it failed for complicated reasons. Perhaps there will come a day to revisit this again.


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